The Maine Dental Connection

Follow Sam as he receives dental care at school as part of The Maine Dental Connection!

The Maine Dental Connection mobilizes and connects the state’s existing network of oral health care providers to increase access for Maine people through community-based care. This program is an evolution of the virtual dental home (VDH) model founded by Dr. Paul Glassman and first implemented in California in 2010. VDH is an oral health care delivery system in which preventive care and early intervention are delivered by a dental hygiene team in a community setting, such as daycare or school. Records are then shared through secure technology with a dentist for a comprehensive exam and treatment plan, including any in-office restorative care found to be necessary. The majority of patients can be kept healthy in the community without having to visit the dentist office. Maine partners have adapted the VDH model to fit long-standing collaborations, regional workforce capacity and community needs, working to connect people with the care they need, when they need it, where it works best for them!

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